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Since the end of 2018, we felt like working on the sustainable aspect of our business was primary. Such a fragile ecosystem such as the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon Rainforest cannot be unattended and our corporate responsibility grew along with our necessity to give back to the islands, forest and to be part of a bigger and universal purpose, the planet.

With this goal in mind, we created and started out our Green Program, Golden Sustainability.

Through our Golden Sustainability Program, our objective is to leave a green footprint with our yachts and tour operation.

Our strategy aims to support this objective and our core actions

are based and guided in three 3 Areas of action:

Environment – The role of retribution

Giving Back

Leave only memories behind, not footprints | Green Luxury Travel Company

Our primary action is to give back to the islands and the rainforest everything that they give us.

Through our Golden Sustainability Program, we take specific actions to neutralize our carbon footprint, seeking to be carbon neutral in everything we do.

Tourism has a negative impact on fragile environments if it isn’t managed sustainably. At Golden Experiences and Travel, we are proactively working toward becoming a greener company by implementing processes that reduce our impact every step of the way with a high and real corporate responsibility.

We have developed our own policies to deliver unique and sustainable experiences for our guests. Some of the specific actions that we have taken include the use of biodegradable products, responsible waste management, and prohibiting single-use plastics, among many others.

These actions are part of our focus on environmental stewardship as we work to restore ecosystems and neutralize our carbon footprint.

Community Care


All for them

Constant support for people in their communities

Seeking to be sustainable is not only based on being reciprocal with the environment, but also with the people who live in it.

Our actions are aimed to contribute to those who need us the most, providing them with real opportunities to improve their quality of life.

we understand that we have a direct impact on the community and economy in the archipelago, which is why we focus our procurement on locally-sourced products and prioritize local recruitment. Tourism plays a critical role in our societies, since it generates 1 of every ten 10 jobs worldwide.

Through our Golden Sustainability Program, we have directly included the community, which is an essential part of your vacation. We do that by: prioritizing local suppliers, recruitment and entrepreneurship; paying fair wages to our crew and personnel, generating a multiplier effect on the economy and giving families a better quality of life.

We are also immensely proud of the fact that more than 60% of our team are women.



Smart Development

Navigating toward the future

We strongly believe that nature is our greatest asset, and its future is in our hands. At Golden Experiences & Travel, we’ve sought to innovate aboard our vessels and at our lodge by using technology that significantly reduces the impacts of navigation, operation and consumption on the islands and in the rainforest.

All our actions and plans allow us to put our efforts on real projects with real and measurable results, not only through critical entities for the conservation of Galapagos and the Amazon, but also with our crew, personnel and our office staff in the islands and in mainland Ecuador.

Golden Sustainability promotes and practices sustainable luxury tourism, that is respectful of the environment, socially responsible and that innovates in every step it takes.

International Certifications

In terms of Environment, the first and most important step we have achieved is CO2 neutrality achieved through an international certification for our yachts in the Galapagos.

Carbon Neutral Cruise Operator since January 2023

Hotel walking towards

Carbon Neutrality

in process since

April 22nd. 2023

Underway to become a B Cord Company